new ecs k7s5a board

Hi, i just installed a new ecs k7s5a pro socket 462 board into my old desktop and i'm running an amd 1.4ghz duron with an aopen video card and a maxtor hard drive but i can't seem to get it to work.  it powers up but i just get a series of several beeps... probably almost ten beeps.  the manual doesn't give much troubleshooting help but i'm pretty sure these beeps mean something pretty specific. i've reset the cmos memory by switchign that jumper but maybe i need to do some more jumper work?? i don't know much about jumpers.. this job may have been more than i could handle.  It seems like it is very close to working though.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  Thanks for your time!
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Beep codes can be found here:
Look up your BIOS (AMI, Award, Phoenix) and check the beep count for the error.
The K7s5a has no need for jumper settings. I use this board a lot. Don't get worried, what your doing is real easy to do.
Your just in the learning stage. After this first time your going to laugh at how easy this really was, and look at the bucks you saved.

A continuous beep on this mobo typically means RAM is missing or faulty. Can also mean a power problem or loose card.

Check the FP1 connectors. Thats the pins you connected to the case buttons. (use the manual to identify this pin socket)
Check and double check these connections. You may have these wrong if your getting beeps.

Are you using a new case? Or your old case?

Please give the model # on the Aopen Video card. This mobo does have some major conflicts with certain video cards.
Reseat the video card

This board has dual RAM slots SDRAM & DDRRAM. Make sure your using the right slots for the ram you have. The blue ones are DDR. When the ram seats properly the white clips lock automatically. Are you using the RAM from your old board?

Go back and check all your power connections.
Power to motherboard socket.
Hard drive, Floppy & CD power plugs

Check the ribbon cables to the drives. For hard drives & CD's the red line on the ribbon should always be close to the power plug side.

Did the Duron CPU drop in freely and did you hold it down while locking the arm.

Don't install any other cards other than video till you get the prob solved. No modems - USB cards - Firewire, ...etc.

Give me a yell with that Video Card model #.


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cfrericksAuthor Commented:
DDRdan.. its an aopen PG-80 SIS 6326 8 mb card.  Yeah it was a cheapy because i was broke when i bought it.  I've tried several different ram chips and they seem to be seating right in their proper slots.  i also tried playing with the connectors from the case with no luck.  there are a few more combinations i can try though.  its the same case i used with the previous board, but its really not that old.  Its less than a year old actually.  well let me know if you've had any problems with that aopen model. Thanks!  
I have built a few PC's with this mobo make sure the video card is completley in the AGP slot, I had a few things slow me down because the video card wasnt in the slot all the way, dont be afraid to put some muscle in it...

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