got silver compound on processor pins

putting together a computer and am getting 5 beeps from my bios (bad processor) well when I check the processors seems I put too much silver thermal compound on one and some of the silver compound squeezed out and got in-between some of the poc pins (940 pin) on one of the processors.  Could this have cause the processor to die?
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Yes, you are only supposed to put a tiny drop on and spread it out into a thin layer.  Try cleaning it off with alcohol and let it dry before reinstalling.
wow...that's a lot of thermal compound.
to add some detail to Callandor's is a tutorial with pictures....

as you can see, there should never be so much that it leaks over like that...the idea is to fill in the microscopic pores in the materials, not as a lubricant where more is better.
montree7Author Commented:
before i go and make things worse...what is the best way to get the stuff of the procc.....

oh also...i have two identical procc and switched the one that has no compund on the pins into slot 1 and still get the 5 beeps....

any ideas....

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99% alcohol and a Q-Tip should remove it like Callandor stated.

Sounds like maybe you go some inside the socket too? I hope you didn't just ruin a second CPU...
montree7Author Commented:
I got this compound stuff all over the place....lets just say it is in the the mb toast too?
There's a chance you can clean it off, but you better be careful, because it conducts electricity, so make sure you get all of it.
you got silver paste on the pins? And on the motherboard? Well, the pins should be easy as hell to clean off, if you are really careful with the pins. Depending on the tensile strength of those pins, you should be able to, well I've done it before, press the processor, pin side down, into modeling clay.

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put the cpu in a container with alcohol, and brush it gently with a toothbrush. Let it dry sufficiently. check also the pins of the motherboard plug for rests and clean it.
If the alcohol was good old scotch, you can drink the rest, if you are willing to take a bit of silver....
if you had the compund on the cpu when you turned it on it would have caused a short, you probably fried the proc and motherboard, thats why that other proc isnt working either.
montree7Author Commented:
well guys had someone come look at it and says everything should be ok...the problem is the builder...who boght the wrong proc for the board and the wrong ram for the proc.....not to say that something did not happen with the cpu....i sent them back....
thanks for all your scary comments!!
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