Track mouse position and adjust circle accordingly

I have a circle (movie clip) in the upper left corner of my flash. I want to have that circle expand the closer the mouse gets to it or contract the farther it moves away from any entry point in the piece. How would I do this???
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var baseWidth = circle._width;
var baseHeight = circle._height;

function resizeCircle() {
      var currDist = Math.sqrt(Math.pow((circle._xmouse),2) + Math.pow((circle._ymouse),2));
      // can modify here to grow bigger with a grow factor */
circle._width = baseWidth+ currDist;
      circle._height = baseHeight + currDist;

oops wasnt done yet...anyways use that code on first is just your circle's movieclip name you can multiply or divide currDist to get it to grow/shrink at a rate you need
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