ErrorL 884 when logging in to Novell on WinXP PC.

I have a client that has two workstations that are getting an error 884 when logging in and it doesn't map any drives to the Novell servers.  Both computers are running Windows XP with SP2.  I suggested that they remove the Novell client which is ver. 9.0 with SP2 and install the Windows Client for Netware Networks but they are using Zenworks which I believe requires the Novell client.

If the client logins as the Administrator on the same workstation, it works.  If the client deletes the users Novell profile, it works for a short time but then the problem reappears.  

The client looked up a few articles which told him to disable a few things and he did but it didn't fix the problem.  

I can't seem to find any information on this error code.

Sorry but I don't have any other information than this

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A search the Novell Knowledgebase ( for "login error 884" turned up quite a few hits.  In your situation, I suspect the problem is a combination of Xp/SP2, WIndows security, and ZenWorks (perhaps the dynamic local user component) not getting along, so this TID my be the most relevant.

Whatever you do, don't trade the Novell client for Windows netware client.  The MS product is ignorant of most NetWare capabilities beyond version 3.12, and what it does know is a poorly engineered subset.


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<pet peeve>
"Novell" is a company. "NetWare" is a product. You are logging into "NetWare servers", not "Novell servers".
</pet peeve>

Whatever you do, do NOT switch to the M$ Client for NetWare Networks. It is *deliberately* crippled garbage-ware. As BudDurland notes, it basically ignores everything Novell has done since NetWare v3.12 came out in 1994.

ZENworks v6.5 does NOT require the Novell Client 32 package, altho it makes life easier. However, you didn't specify the version of ZENworks in use, so I dunno if my statement is relevant in your environment.

You also have not specified the version of NetWare in use or if the network is TCP/IP-based or IPX-based. NetWare has preferred TCP/IP since v5.0 in 1999, but an amazing amount of places still run IPX for some odd reason. Both BudDurland and I are *assuming* that your environment is NetWare v5.0 or later and uses TCP/IP.

I agree with BudDurland that a likely culprit here is XP SP2 and that sorry excuse for a firewall. If you disable the firewall and everything works, that would confim our suspicions. The firewall would need to be modified to allow NCP and anything else that ZENworks needs. Did your organization perform no testing before deploying SP2?
jayknightAuthor Commented:
First of all I have worked with Novell for quite a few years and don't need your "Pet Peeve" garbage.  I was merely posting a question and was hoping to get a respectful and professional answer.  Neither of which you gave.  

Secondly, I told you in my original posting that I was sorry but this is all the information I had.

Thirdly, I clearly specified that this was a client of mine.  Therefore, it is not my organization nor my responsibility to make sure they tested SP2 before deploying it out.

In the future, if you can't be respectful of others, whether the question being posted has all the information or not, then do us all a favor and NOT RESPOND!!!

Jay,  your comment to Bud were completely out of line.  He specifically gave you a respectful and professional answer.

I suggest you take your own advice about being respectful to others and leave.
jayknightAuthor Commented:
My comment was not to Bud.  I appreciate his advice and his suggestions.  My comment was to PsiCOP.
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