Computer only boots after power is disconnected from machine for several minutes.

Lately I've noticed that my machine will only boot after the power is disconnected for a few minutes.  I knew my CMOS battery was getting low so I replaced that and have also tried flashing the CMOS and updating BIOS. I've also tried reseating both the RAM and CPU.

I've added no new hardware or software and get no POST or error beeps to indicate an issue. I can remove all RAM to produce errors, but I still get nothing.

Any suggestions?

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be a power supply problem - swap another one in that is at least as powerful.  Power supplies can degrade over time with use.
Hey Kristy,

Callandor is right on it. Had the same problem in one of my boxes. Machine would just go to sleep without warning and had to be unplugged for a couple minutes or it woudn't reboot at all. Replacing the power supply fixed it.

Good Vibes!

Could this also be a cmos issue? Perhaps by leaving it unplugged that resets the cmos, otherwise the cmos will confuse the bios? Just a thought.
In my case, the CMOS wasn't reset. I was an overheating power supply. They have a safety relay that measures the temperature inside the coils. If the temperature hits the breaking point the relay cuts off the power to prevent it from burning and causing a fire.
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