Outlook 2003: How to print an email so that the CC and BCC fields show up on the printed media

Example:  I have a message in my Sent Items folder that I sent To: boss@company.com, Cc'd it to Joe@customer.com, and Bcc'd it to Jane@silentparnet.com.  I want to print out a hard copy to have a paper record of what message was sent when and to whom.  If I just click the print button, only the To: line shows up on the printout, not the Cc: or Bcc: lines.

I didn't see any options for enabling this.  Any ideas how to get the Cc and Bcc fields included in the printout automagically when an email is printed?
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Hi fixnix,

Have you tried this ?
go to sent items folder
double-click on the email that you are going to print so that it opens in a new window.
Now do you see , all the fields
if not , go to view and click on Bcc fields and other fields you need
now go to file --> print and see if you can print and get all those fields

If that doesnot help , easy method would be to press printscreen and get the whole window as an image and print it out.
how about that ?

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Alternatively, copy all fields to Wordpad; save/print from there.
fixnixAuthor Commented:

The CC and BCC fields show up on screen, just not on print.

Printscreen would work for mails that fit on a screen, but this is for a financial planning client of mine and the emails they need to keep a papertrail on are usually contracts and proposals, which almost never would fit on a screen without scrolling.

Thanks for the lightning fast response tho!
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fixnixAuthor Commented:

Copy/Paste into Word would get the fields printed, but that's a several step process and shouldn't be necessary.  I'm needing a solution that will allow my client to open the email, click print, and have it print the To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, and the email body instead of the default behaviour of only printing To, Subject, and email body.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
It will work for the addresse and cc, but no likely for the bcc... think on it a bit more.  File - -page setup...

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printscreen or copying is your only option , AFAIK

XCLN: Bcc Field Does not Appear when Printing a Message
fixnixAuthor Commented:

" It will work for the addresse and cc, but no likely for the bcc"

What will work?  Please define "It".

I see there may be no resolution for printing the Bcc field, but Cc doesn't print, either.  File/page setup tells me nothing.  Been there.  Looked.  The only options there are page size and page headers and footers, etc....nothing regarding the content of the page nor what fields are/aren't printed.
Just a suggestion

have you tried to compose a new email with different format , put it in drafts folder and then check if printing that way , you get the fields you wanted
Also , do you have word as your default email editor.. Uncheck it and see if that makes any difference as i know that might affect the issue here
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
To maintain the privacy intended by blind copies, BCC is regarded as an envelope property rather than a message property; accordingly, the corresponding header field and its contents are removed when the message is delivered, and the BCC property is always empty on a received message.
The default value of the BCC property is an empty string

If you sent the message and you see the bcc field viewable in the Sent Folder, you can open Word or another word Processing folder and use the CTRL+PRT key to screen copy it and then paste it there.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
If, however, you have Outlook 2002 or 2003, this would work...
How to reveal the Bcc box in Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003
Article ID : 299804
Last Review : October 1, 2004
Revision : 1.3
This article was previously published under Q299804
By default, the Bcc box (blind carbon copy) is not displayed in Microsoft Outlook.
By default, the Bcc box does is not displayed in a new mail message. This design decision was made to reduce screen "clutter" by removing less frequently used options from immediate view.
To display the Bcc box, use one of the following methods, depending on whether you use Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor or the native Outlook e-mail editor.
Method 1: Word as Your E-mail Editor
To display the Bcc box: 1. Open a new e-mail message.
2. Click the arrow next to Options to display the Options menu.
3. Click Bcc.
Method 2: Outlook as Your E-mail Editor
To display the Bcc box: 1. Open a new e-mail message.
2. On the View menu, click Bcc Field. If the Bcc Field command is not displayed on the View menu, the Personalized Menus and Toolbars option is enabled. Double-click the View menu to display the full View menu.
If you address a message as follows
From: Richard
To: Julie; Chris
Bcc: Phillip; Patrick
the message is sent to all of the people that are in both the To and Bcc boxes, but both Julie and Chris are unaware that Phillip and Patrick have also received the message.
Message recipients that are listed in the Bcc box are also not aware of each other. In this example, Phillip is not aware that Patrick has also received a copy of the message, but he does know that both Chris and Julie have received a copy of the message.
Source:  http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;299804
fixnixAuthor Commented:

Thanks fo the info, but displaying the fields on screen isn't a problem.  They don't print.  That is the problem I'm trying to resolve.  Printing at least the Cc: field if the infinite wisdom of microsoft determined printing the Bcc field is a security violation (Geebus.....they can go to that (appropriate) level of security for sending a locally residing file to the printer, but they simultaneously ignore the 35+ publicly available IE exploits that work on fully patched, currently "supported" OS and IE versions, let alone the ones circulating in the underground, and even the patched holes are simply band-aid patches to fix one vuln, only to open the door to others exploiting the very same concept, like a url with a lot of spaces being patched, yet a url w/ the hex code for space (%20) circumvents the patch...go figure).

Screenshots are not a viable solution to my question because the emails are too long to be displayed on one screen.  The results of printing have been the same weather they are using word as their email editor or using Outlook's built in editor.  Cc and Bcc fields do not print.  I can understand that printing the Bcc field may not work, but they do show up on screen.  Cc's don't even print though they are on screen as well.  As a reasonable person, I woud think it's not too difficult to print one or both of those fields when printing an email.  As a computer professional supporting microsoft products when I have to, I'm not suprised a simple request has no easy answer.

Is there a registry hack for this?  Too bad there's no /etc/outlook.conf file :(
Have you tried what happens if you print from drafts folder .. Does it print if you try different formats

did you check for word being the default email editor or not
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
No there is no registry workaround that I know of.

And Yes, it's a gigantic drag .... but when you really think about it, it is so with intent to protect people's privacy.  That said, as a workaround, I'd use the screen copy process to copy and print the top header field with bcc (which you can't do other ways that we've found), and attach that to the full normal print of the Email.  

I don't always like what is reality, but work with it.  Trying to find a way for you to resolve this with what's available.

Shared all that I know and have found; did research extensively and wish I had better news.

Perhaps someone will provide more insight for you, I'm really out of ideas.
See this

Can I suppress the To and Cc fields when printing an incoming message? Printing those fields wastes a lot of paper when the message goes to 400 users.

The best solution is to get people either to use a distribution list from the GAL or to put those 400 names in the Bcc field (View, Bcc Field) rather than in To or Cc. Either method hides the detailed recipient list, resulting in a much neater message.

If you do need to print a message with 400 names in the To field, try using File, Save As to save it as an .rtf format file. You can then open it in WordPad or Word, remove the lengthy recipient list, and do any other reformatting.

Tip: If you're using a Contacts folder to generate a distribution list on the fly, as I described in this column's first question, you might want to cut and paste the addresses from the To field (where the New Message to Contact command puts them) to the Bcc field.

Ref: http://www.win2000mag.com/MicrosoftExchangeOutlook/Article/ArticleID/4857/4857.html
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
OOps, forgot one other possibility for your product....
Microsoft Office for Outlook 2003 support request using e-mail, chat, or phone is included at no charge
Off to cook dinner, good luck.
":0) Asta
fixnixAuthor Commented:
Thanks all who took the time to google for me :).  I had too much on my plate temporarily to look it up myself, and probably wouldn't have seen astaec's last link about phone support being included w/ O2k3.....good to know for future reference!  Thanks!

I forwarded the info given in the accepted answers to the client and she accepted that she couldn't print the Bcc fields.  As long as she's happy, I'm happy :).
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thank you; your client might want to create and print their standard group lists (distribution lists), once created or updated and attach that reference to central file to know which group contains which send-to's when they are BCCs to keep a record of that snapshot in time and all the recipients to whom the information was sent in the bcc field.
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