Printing on envelopes - Laser printer problem

Hi everybody,

I have recently bought a small home/office laser printer. When I want to print directly on the envelopes, the warmth inside the printer causes the envelopes to be sealed while passing through it. Since I have always been using inkjets before, I have never thought of this problem, neither have heard anyone complaining about it. Is it only my printer that does this or other laser printers do have this problem as well? Is there any way around this? Appreciate any comments.
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem with changing fuser temperature is that it also may prevent the toner from sticking to the paper. And actually, settings for thicker stock increase the fuser temperature, or reduce the print speed to allow more time for the heat to soak into the card, potentially making the problem worse. If the printer has an "envelope" setting for its paper stock, that is usually the best setting.

The only real way to fix the problem (apart from getting another printer) is to try different envelopes
RobMurotaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some laser printers have functions which allow for some tempeature  control - either directly or by speeding up the printing - which effectively reduces the amount of heat transfered to the envelope. If you don't have those controls you may have a setting which accommodates different thickness of paper - from card stock to thinner paper stocks. If you chose a setting which will allow for card stock or the thickest stock - this will rreduce the amount of heat transferred to the envelope. Feeding the envelopes with a different orientation sometimes helps. Working in an environment with lower humidity also has an effect. If none of this helps you may have to try envelopes with different gum adhesives.
I`m with Hdhondt- the problem lies with the glue on your envelopes.
It may be a plastic based adhesive.(Most self seal ones are).
Change to a water-based adhesive envelope, and buy a sponge to seal them with.
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