AMD Barton Identification

Posted on 2004-10-21
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
Q: How can I positively identify if my Barton 3000+ CPU is the 333MHz (2,158MHz) or 400MHz (2,100MHz) FSB version ?
I must confess that I no longer know what I bought last year, and since it didn't come in a retail box, to say the least (I remember straightening a pin, back from the store!)  Anyway, what I first thought was a memory problem (the system wouldn't work if the CPU is set @200MHz x 10.5 and the rest on Auto; but, if set independently, the DDR400/PC3200 works perfectly fine in dual @200MHz along the Processor @ 166x13), is most likely a question of "Do I have have the 333 or 400MHz FSB version of the Barton ?"
From what I described above, you'd say it's definitely 333. I would think so (if it doesn't work at 400, stop wondering...), but I'd like to make sure without having to remove the heatsink to see the numbers there (and once for all, deal with the settings in the BIOS that were cleared by an update)

I have an A7N8-X Deluxe (Bios 1008), and the tools CPU-Z and WCPUID seem to only show what the current frequency settings make them assume. Below one of these tools shows a 2800+ because I voluntarily tried a multiplier of 12.5 instead of 13 (Memory Clock is 200, although not shown).

[ WCPUID Version 3.3  (c) 1996-2004  By H.Oda! ]

  Processor #1 : AMD Athlon XP (Model A) / 3AE7E8B5
      Platform : Socket A (Socket 462)    
 Vendor String : AuthenticAMD
      CPU Type : Original OEM Processor (0)
        Family : 6  (7)
         Model : 10 (10)
   Stepping ID : 0  (0)
      Brand ID : -  (-)
          APIC : ----
HT Log.CPU Cnt : ----
   Name String : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+

Internal Clock : 2079.56 MHz
    System Bus :  332.73 MHz DDR
  System Clock :  166.36 MHz
    Multiplier :   12.5  

    L1 I-Cache :   64K Byte
    L1 D-Cache :   64K Byte
    L1 T-Cache :  ----
    L1  Cache  :  ----
    L2  Cache  :  512K Byte
    L2  Speed  : 2079.56 MHz (Full)

    MMX   Unit : Supported
    SSE   Unit : Supported
   SSE2   Unit : Not Supported
   SSE3   Unit : Not Supported
   MMX2   Unit : Supported
  3DNow!  Unit : Supported
  3DNow!+ Unit : Supported

   Host Bridge : 10DE:01E0.A2 [NVIDIA nForce2]
  South Bridge : 10DE:01EB.A2 [NVIDIA nForce2 MCP]
    VGA Device : 1002:4E48.00 [ATI RADEON 9800 PRO]
  Memory  Size : 1024M Byte
  Memory Clock : ----

    OS Version : Windows XP  Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
-------------- : -----------------------------------
    StdFunc 0  : 00000001 68747541 444D4163 69746E65
    StdFunc 1  : 000006A0 00000000 00000000 0383FBFF
    ExtFunc 0  : 80000008 68747541 444D4163 69746E65
    ExtFunc 1  : 000007A0 00000000 00000000 C1C3FBFF
    ExtFunc 2  : 20444D41 6C687441 74286E6F 5820296D
    ExtFunc 3  : 38322050 002B3030 00000000 00000000
    ExtFunc 4  : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    ExtFunc 5  : 0408FF08 FF20FF10 40020140 40020140
    ExtFunc 6  : 00000000 41004100 02008140 00000000
    ExtFunc 7  : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001
    ExtFunc 8  : 00002022 00000000 00000000 00000000
    C0010015h  : 00000000 03030008 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010016h  : 00000002 20300010 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010017h  : 00000000 00250000 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010018h  : 00000000 D0000018 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010019h  : 0000000F F8000800 00000000 843E3BC0
    C001001Ah  : 00000000 40000000 00000000 843E3BC0
    C001001Bh  : 00000000 20031223 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010111h  : 00000000 000B0000 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010112h  : 00000000 00000000 00000000 843E3BC0
    C0010113h  : 00000000 00000001 00000000 843E3BC0

##--- Date 10/21/2004, Time 22:39:40 /

Question by:cmezza
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    by:woodendude   download an install Everest, under motherboard cpu it will twell you what you seek.
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    If your MB is in automatic mode (without you setting the clock speed or multiplier, then you've the 333mhz version

    If you need comfirmation check your stats against this AMD page:,/?St=85,E=0000000000156631423,K=2779,Sxi=12,Case=obj(3821)
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    If you set your BARTON to auto or 10.5 times (the settings of the 400mhz FSB BARTON) does it come up 2100mhz and change the FSB to 400mhz? If not your BARTON is the 333mhz variety. Your board is AMD tested and approved to auto set the processor settings. The 400mhz CPU is "E" series and is shown on the pin grid package under the heatsink. oh well.

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    grab this freewae program called cpu-z. it will know and tell you what you have =)

    URL for Cpu-Z:
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    As far as I would go, remove the heatsink and look at the CPU directly. That would remove ALL doubts.
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    there is a program that i found very useful for this... its on my desktop for overclocking pleasure...
    it tells you EVERYTHING about your processor
    ( remember that if it says 200, its 400 sometimes because of DDR, and to cover all bases DDR stans for double data rate thats why the 200 becomes a 400.)
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    lol, im smart and didnt read the entire question.... it says right there on the FSB listing BUT your motherboard is underclocking your processor, get it up to full speed, pardon my slip in intelegence before, its late here....
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    why? more than one person has given a correct answer here

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