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I am new to SWiSHmax and i have just created my first movie and i want it to play in my html file, then when it has finished playing i want to be able to open another html file or alternatively for the user to click on a link that will open the hmtl file.  I am using SWiSHmax for my project at university so i dont have a URL to type into the "getURL()" command.

Can anyone tell me how i would be able to open a local file in the same window once the movie has ended.

A response would be much appreciated.

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redcableConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well ill give it a shot since I re read your post. and ill do a complete step by step for you starting from the end point of your movie

Step 1. In swishmax create a text and call it "link"  have it appear at the end of your move.
Step 2. make sure you have your text object selected and click on your script tab.
Step 3. choose, addscript > browser/network > getURL();
step 4. type in the name of your html file (example: myfile.html) and choose _self from the window field.
step 5. make sure the html file that displays your movie, and the html file you want to open are in the same directory. if you want to load remote html documents simply type in the network address, or file location.

hope this helps.

what type of file are you wanting to open?
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