How to set Auto Reply-Exchange 2000

Can someone help with how to set an auto reply email message for one of my exchagne users while he is out of town...
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ddrewtxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Typically OOF Rules are set by the client.  If you can logon OWA as that user, you can setup OOF in the Options dialog. One problem with setting rules in Outlook, is that if you specify other actions that depends on the client, the client must be running in order for it to process (meaning Outlook has to be running).  This is a 'client side rule'.  If you set only OOF, inside OWA it is usually a 'server side rule' and does not need a client to run for processing.


Dale Drew
The feature you are looking for is called 'Out-of-Office' Assistant or OOF.  This will send only ONE response per sender, on the internal domain, and is set using Outlook.  Go to the Inbox, Tools menu, and click Out of Office Assistant.  This will save a dialog box to give a response, and will prompt each time Outlook is opened for the mailbox.  If you want it to go to external senders, please go to;en-us;262352, to set this on your Exchange 2000 Server.

Hope this helps.

Dale Drew
andreacadiaAuthor Commented:
I would like to set an auto reply email for one user on my exchange can i accomplish this?
On the Tools menu, click Out of Office Assistant.
Click Add Rule.
Under When a message arrives that meets the following conditions, specify the conditions of the rule that the message must meet for the action to occur.
To specify more conditions, click Advanced, select the options you want, and then click OK.
To specify that this rule must be the last one applied, select the Do not process subsequent rules check box.
Under Perform these actions, select the options you want. You can select more than one option.

Note  If you specify that a message must be deleted, rules that follow the delete rule in the list of rules in the Out of Office Assistant dialog box do not affect the message.
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