Nvidia Geforce FC 5700 startup error problem

Just installed new Video card in pc.  Nvidia Geforce FX 5700 256mb.  loaded the drivers from the cd provided by nvidia.  Rebooted the pc and it gives me this error message that says Failed to get data for 'DefaultSettings.BitsPerPel.'  I also tried the drivers provided by xp and the latest drivers from Nvidia's web site. No go.  The card seems to work fine after you clear the error message.  HELP!!!
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Try a different (earlier) driver from nVidia.  Also try manually setting the AGP speed in the BIOS to a different value than the default.
Your registry must not have a value for your Display color quality.
Go to the control panel and try setting your DISPLAY color to 256 and then reboot.

If it still nags you at restart:
This is the most current drivers for you card:
You might also want to download the realease notes and guide also for reference to problems.

If you don't want to wait for that 13MB download here's the INF file only.

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jeremysquirrel911Author Commented:
Thanks to both of you for the help.  I changed the AGP speed in BIOS from 4x to 2x to 1x.  Still nothing.  Then I went to nvidias website and downloaded an earlier driver version.  The error at startup went away but my new video game was choppy when i was playing it.  So I followed ddrdan's link to the new driver and no problems.  Thanks to Callandor and ddrdan my pc is fixed.  I will split the points between the two of you.
Thanks Jeremy, glad I could help. Don't forget to go back to the bios and "pump" it up!!

Take care,
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