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Is it possible to get an ftp server to do the following,
When I client uploads a file to a specific directory, I need the server to move and copy the file automatically to x number of directories.
I need to be able to specify different directories for multiple users, or even specify the directories at a group level would be good.

If this is possible, could you please tell me the best server for the job.
The server will be handling between 100 - 300 users.
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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
Mmm never been asked that before :)

Yes Windows 2000 and 2003 server can do that, you would need to install IIS and FTP (add them as server roles) then you would use FRS (file replication services to mirror the contents of the FTP folder to wherever else you need it
RickJAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply,
I do not know much about FRS.
If it mirrors the ftp folder. I assume that the file still exists in the ftp folder.?
I need it moved as soon as it uploaded.
jjk16Connect With a Mentor Commented:
this may sound simple, but you should try robocopy


there is a switch to delete the orignal  files after file transfer

also can copy via unc  i.e
robocopy  \\server\name\share to
\\servername\share /e /mov

using the sleep command and loop

robocopy blah blah(see sytnax)
sleep 1800 // half an hour you can specify your own time
goto loop

save as .bat

schedule the batch file if you want

works for me ...


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>If this is possible, could you please tell me the best server for the job

If this server is hosting this service for generic internet users, then I'd avoid Microsoft (in case their security history wasn't enough of a red flag).  Although the initial description was rather vague, I'm sure linux can do this quite easily, and for a lot cheaper.


Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
delete - no refund
PAQ - no refund

Pt split between Pete and jjk16, since I'm guessing the poster is not running linux.


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