On a "TTAble.Open" command I get "Capability not Supported"

Hello everyone,

I keep getting the error when I execute my script "Capability not supported".

When I traced into the error it happened at:   TTable.Open;

The TTable object is trying to open a DB2 database table using the EasyCom ACE400 dirvers...reading the table...then writing to a paradox table.

I am using:
-  Delphi 7
-  BDE 5.01
-  DB2 Database
-  Paradox

Please help....
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VirtueTechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just to "CLose the Loop" (Ido)

This error was caused by the ACE EasyCom drivers. They needed to be updated to the Delphi 7 version.
VirtueTechAuthor Commented:
Do I need to change .Open to another method?
i could only guess that there may a problem with a fieldtype

could you provide your db2-table structure?
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Did you try TTable.Active:=true; ?
VirtueTechAuthor Commented:
I tried Active = true ...didn't work...I get the same error
It happens as soon as I go to Open the table so I don't think it would be a field type within the DB2 database.
VirtueTechAuthor Commented:
It used to work fine.

Yesterday someone removed the BDE from our system. Then this all started to happened.

When I upgrade the BDE from 5.01 to 5.2.02 it still says in the "about" page that the version is 5.01 even though the version in the properties dialog window for the BDEadmin.exe file is 5.2.02

Any other ideas?
VirtueTechAuthor Commented:
I called Borland and they don't have any clues as to why this is happening.

Please help ...anyone :)
VirtueTechAuthor Commented:
I ran into the same error message, but found a completely different solution. I also got the "Capability not supported" error at a TTable.Open command. I am using:

- Delphi 5
- BDE 5.01
- dBase IV tables

In my case, the error was caused by a corrupted temporary dbf file. Although Delphi should delete all of the temporary dbf files when an application closes, it is really sloppy in this area. Once I manually deleted the temporary files, the error message went away and the application worked as normal again.
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