MySQL files location in RH9 Linux

I have MySQL running on my windows XP system - installed by a package called Foxserv. In windows for every mysql db there is a folder, named the same as the database name, that contains 3 files for every table - tblname.frm; tblname.MYD; tblname.MYI. To back up my database all I have to do is to save this files -> this is my testing environment.
My Live environment is a Linux Box - Red Hat 9 - running apache server with plesk. The question that I have is - do the same files exist on the Linux server and if they do:
1) where are the located
2) is it possible to download them and use them on a windows XP system.

Please bear in mind that I am a complete novice with Linux - I have just about managed to access my server with SSH and navigated around a little. Please don't start spouting off reams of linux commands as it will go completely over my head. I am willing to learn if there is some good resource to help me I would appreciate that.
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You really don't want to be backing up the DB files unless you are willing to shutdown MySQL before the backup. There's no assurance that the DB files will reflect the current state of the DB if MySQL is running at the time of the backup. For a web server shutting down MySQL is, at the least inconvient, and will stop the site from working during the backup.

However, there are alternatives that will produce a static image of the DB contents. This subject is covered quite well at

The DB file content for a standard RH 9 MySQL will in in /var/lib/mysql.
Here is a very simple way to backup mysql data:

It uses mysqldump to create sql statements that can be used to restore a database, in any mysql server (even on windows)
There's a much more simple and robust solution...

Have a look here -->


~K Black
Isn't it a Windows program - front end to a windows mysql database?
there is gui tool for database back on mysql database download the mysqladministrator for microsoft windows at and install on
onr microsoft box.
backup file are  save as .sql  
you can backup you linuxr box or microsoft box using this tool and you can also manage you mysql server

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