how do you create a volume (not sys) in netware 411

this may sound kinda dumb, but here goes.

i have a netware 411 server with a sys volume, and tons of unused space on the remainder of the drive, i would like to setup another volume on the remainder of the drive.  could some one give me a step by step on how to set it up.  also, do i have to have created the partition in fdisk first, or is netware able to use free space.

thanx in advance, you guys have helped me a ton...

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actually, with NetWare 4.x, it's:

-select your drive
If your NetWare Partition takes up ALL the remaining space (and there is no UNUSED space shown) then you can proceed to the next step.  If it doesn't (and there is UNUSED space shown) then with NetWare 4.x you need a utility such as ServerMagic to expand your NetWare partition to eat up the rest of the drive space (note:  with NetWare 5.x and above, you can have more than ONE NetWare partition on any logical/physical drive).
go back to the INSTALLATION OPTIONS menu and select VOLUME OPTIONS
a list of volumes will appear, press the INS key to create a new NetWare Volume
select any FREE space and press ENTER
give the NetWare Volume a name and decide how much space in the NetWare Partition it will consume
press F10 to save the changes

NetWare v4.11 is rather old (its also been EOLed for about 4 YEARS), so don't expect it to have all the features of a modern (v6.x) version.

The problem you run into is that prior to NetWare v5, NetWare could only deal with one NetWare Partition per disk. So your ability to use that extra disk space hinges on whether or not the NetWare Partition on that disk encompasses that unused space. If it doesn't, you can either:

1) Give up and let it go unused
2) Upgrade to a newer (and supported) version of NetWare that allows multiple NetWare partitions per disk
3) Get something like Partition Magic that can twiddle with the partition table (make backups first!)

If the NetWare Partition includes that free space, then at the NetWare console prompt, enter --> INSTALL

I don't have NetWare v4.11 in front of me, but there should be a "Disks and Partitions" selection on that menu. You would select the "Create a New Volume" option as I recall. If someone else has NetWare v4.x handy, they may be able to be more specific.

Note that Novell maintains an extensive library of documentation. While NetWare v4.11 is so old they don't include its docs, they do have the docs for its fraternal twin, NetWare v4.2, at
You can also create a new volume from NWCONFIG, though it's been a LOOONG time since I've done that.
I can remember back when 4 first came out. I was so excited I almost dropped my buggy whip...
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