How to send multiple email attachments from AIX?

Does anybody know of a way to send multiple attachments within a single email (for AIX).

We currently use the following programs for sending emails:
* "sendmail": Will send an email, but with no attachments at all.
* "mpack": Will send an email with only one attachment.

The one that I am currently experimenting with:
* "metasend": Which will send multiple attachments, but changes the filename to always have a .txt extension.  I have managed to change the file description (before the extension) but the file always has a .txt at the end (eg FILENAME.CSV.txt).  I am setting the MIME type as text/plain to avoid any data formatting/conversion (any other ideas are much appreciated), which is why the .txt always appears at the end... very frustrating.

Does anybody know how to overcome the file naming issue with metasend, or does anybody know of any other (preferably easier to use) programs that can send multiple emails within an email, while maintaining the file format and filename & extension.

I have looked around on the net but have been unsuccessfull in locating anything that would be able to help.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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sjm_eeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I recommend "mutt" ( Just like "mail" except that you can use "mutt -s 'Subject of mail' -a first-attachment -a second-attachment <body.txt".
The problem is that you read mails in outlook that changes file names for some mime types, like text/plain
You can also try this method, using sendmail:
Example: I want to send and file.two as attachments to

uuencode >temporary.file
uuencode file.two file.two >>temporary.file
cat temporary.file | mail -s "two files attached"

Note on uuencode - first parameter is input file name, second parameter is name you want the attachment to have when it is received by someone else. The names can be the same or different.
uuencode will encode the attachment. In the first case, I am creating a new holding file. In the second case, I am appending to the holding file created by the first uuencode. The holding file is a single file containing all attachements. The holding file will appear as ASCII text, containing the encoded attachments.
If the recipient is on a UNIX system, he/she will need uudecode.
PC & Mac recipients should not need any helper application, as most personal computer mail applications can handle this type of attachment.

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Have a look at the shell script in http:Q_21072849.html


you can also zip/gzip/tar the files into one and send it
JosipKulundzicAuthor Commented:
Thanks ppl for all your effort.

I have tried mail, mpack, sendmail and metasend, and all had issues of some sort.
I found the mutt to be the cleanest and simplest to use for multiple attachments.
Thank you all.


In addition to reply of "jonkreisler"  foll. should work fine...

cat file1 file2 |  mail -s "two files attached"

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