BenQ LCD intermitent signal loss at boot up.

I'll try and explain this as best as I can.

I have a BenQ LCD FP 2091 monitor. I use the DVI output. It is connected to a Radeon Saphire 9600 Atlantis. I've gone through numerous vid card updates and it never changed, so I ruled out the video card doing this and my last crt monitor was fine.

1- If I open the monitor before I boot the PC , the light on the benq will go green and then it will say no signal found, my screen then stay black but the light is still green. Sometimes it does come up fine but it is a rare occurence.

2- If I boot the PC and wait until I hear the cmos beep and turn on the monitor right after, I'll usually get the green light, it says no signal found but then quickly finds it and I'm ok. Very rarely this will not work and I have to try again until it does.

3- If I boot up and open the monitor later, say 10 minutes, the light will go green and it will say no signal and stay green, while my screen is black.

Lastly, when the light stays green and the screen black, none of the buttons ON the monitor will function, I can't even turn it off!

I just connect at standard 15 pin connector and this does the same thing.

Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong here?
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Have you set the "input Select" in the monitor setup "main menu", its under the "miscellaneous" sub menu. Make sure you have the right input chosen. 15 pin, DVI , DSUB....etc..  Make sure you have an accepted resolution & refresh rate chosen also (do this in windows control panel). Read the manual and go thru the entire setup again.

Check the power supply adapter. Meter the current and make sure its 12v dc. If you don't have a meter take the supply to Radio Shack, they'll check it for free.

<<Lastly, when the light stays green and the screen black, none of the buttons ON the monitor will function, I can't even turn it off!>>   Use the keyboard or mouse, it's in power saver mode.

Here's the manual if you need it in PDF

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The monitor does not sound like it is working properly at autodetecting signals, and the fact that you can't turn off the monitor when you want to says it is malfunctioning.
BlashyAuthor Commented:
Even mouse and keyboard won't bring it back up. Sorry forgot to mention that one.

I'm starting to think it is a malfunction...
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I'm running in to this on some BenQ FP931s as well - we have about 50 in our company, and 3 of them occaisonally "lock up" - the screen is black, the power light is amber (in a "sleep" state), and the power button does not respond.  As they are on a dual setup, one is fine (We know the PC is working), the other is in this hung state.  The happens with multiple video cards (nVidia Quatro and ATI x700s).

The odd thing is that I swapped out one LCD with a spare, and the same thing happened again to the new LCD.  I would chalk it up to the video card, except it happened again on PC #2 which had a different card in it.

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I will note that this is happening to more than the original 2 monitors now, and across multiple video cards still.
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