Cannot auto-open documents in Word (Office for Mac 2004)

When I double-click on a document to open it, it does not open, and I get the error code 10660.  (The program installed is Office for Mac 2004, Word).  However, when I already have Word open, I can double-click on any document and it will open no problem.

How do I fix this?  Thanks!
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You can try to 'desktop rebuild' your osx using :
DesktopRebuilderX (

Or boot from your OSX Install/Retore disc, and do verify permission to check whether some permission messed up or not.

Good luck.

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I have seem some weird app problems that are only resolved by creating a new user and migrating all your files there, to work under the new account.
Before downloading anything it might be a good idea to fix the file associations and see if that helps.  

Right click on the .doc file in question and choose "Open with".  Then choose "other" and choose Word from the menu.  Do this even if Word is the default.  

You can repair file permissions with the Disk Utility included in OS X.  Let me know if you need instructions.  

It might also be the finder cache.  You can clean these up with utilities such as

I hope this helps.
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