can I disable shift+alt+p in wmp10

I recently upgraded my Windows Media Player to version 10. It has a keyboard shortcut that didn't exist in previous versions of WMP. This keyboard shortcut conflicts with a menu shortcut in TreePad Biz so I'd like to disable it in WMP if possible.

The problem is that Shift-Alt-P activates WMP regardless of whether it is running or has focus. Even when Treepad Biz has focus, hitting this combination brings up WMP 10 and Treepad never sees it. Is there any way to disable this so that Treepad once again sees this key combination?

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patrvicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is there a feature in treepad that allows u to reconfigure keys. If there is that may solve you'r problem unless you'r particular about disabling the wmplayer keys...for which there is no direct solution...If you'r willing to play with the registry,which is bit risky u 'may' be able to disable the wmplayer 10 keys...
Going for another media player might also be a solution...cause there are equally good players around...

May be this helps you in making a decision...goodluck

mbryan822Author Commented:
I just discovered the answer to this question. You cannot do anything in the Registry, I've looked and looked, it is hidden away somewhere that is not easy to find.

Also, there is no way to reconfigure keys in QuicKeys that I've been able to find.

The soltion is this:
When WMP is in "mini player" mode, the hotkey is active. If you disable "mini player" mode, then it is not active. The way you do this is as follows:
1. right-click on the task bar, choose Toolbars
2. if the "Windows Media Player" item under Toolbars is checked, the hotkey is active, if it is not checked, it is inactive.
3. click on it to toggle the check for this item.

Thanks for responding though, I need to close this now as it is no longer an issue for me and this is the solution in case anyone looks this up.
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