IIS 6 flash (.swf) not loading

We are having a real weird issue with flash movies (.swf) not loading on our websites that are running with IIS 6 and JRun. I am quite sure it has something to do with JRun even though it doesn't seem like JRun should have any affect on flash. When I try to load the same swf files without JRun connected to the IIS website the flash file plays correctly but with JRun connected to the site it doesn't.

Im not exactly sure what is causing the problem but it seems like JRun is screwing something up ad we get the following error message when trying to access a swf file directly in the web browser:

Server Error
Either the Macromedia application server is unreachable or it does not have a mapping to process this request.

Btw, We have the latest flash player installed.
Any help is appreciated.
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CDCOPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if this will help, but its worth a try.

try adding a mime type to make IIS handle it differently:

right click web site->properties->http headers->file types->new type
then enter ".ini" as extention, and something like "X-Application/Attachment" as the mime type.

if you want to do something else, like run it at the browser end for example, or run an install on the client side, you could probably mark it as some other mime type that is associated with some local program (eg x-application/notepad or something)

IIS 6 may not allow the extension to be read...so you would need to make sure it can.
rot299Author Commented:

"IIS 6 may not allow the extension to be read...so you would need to make sure it can."
- thanks. How do I check if IIS 6 can read the extension. The mime type is in IIS already.

We did a temporary fix by deleating the mime type out of IIS  for .swf all together.. I feel we are crossing into a dark forrest.  why would iis 6 try to digest a .swf file from jrun in the first place and is there any need for iis to need to digest it? when you start doing flash remoting does iis need to know how to process it or will it work by just serving out the the client the .swf file

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