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HI experts got a question on what is the use of a mail-in databse? how do i create one and when do i use it?
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To create a mail -in database, create a database in the usual way, then in Administrator on the People and Groups area, click 'Mail-in databases and choose Add. Choose a name for it and, then in the Location area enter the domain and server - then enter the file name of the database. E.g. if the database is in the Data folder, then you could just enter dbname.nsf

You should then be able to select it in the name and address book and send email to it.

They are often used to keep copies of outgoing mail. For example, account managers may copy the mail-in database into an email to a client so that there is a copy of all correspondence.
They are often used as group mailboxes or in automated processes that involve mail.
Depending on your goal: either create a normal mailbox from a template (easiest) or create one from scratch that meets certain criteria (not sure; but it's in designer help!).
Register the box as mail-in db in the org. NAB.
ememAuthor Commented:
so I can use the mail-in-database to have read receipts sent to those who send me mail?
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You don't need a mail-in database for that.  Read Receipts are controlled by an option on the sent message.  Whoever opens a message with that option set causes the following:

1) A new message is sent out to the sender of the original message, the new message type is ReturnReceipt
2) The return receipt option is removed from teh message, so it won't get sent out again if the message is opened again

All this is true whether the message arrives in your mailbox, or yu read a message that arrived in a mail-in database.

Just think of a mail-in database as a mail file without a person associated to it.
ememAuthor Commented:
i see so i create a mail-in database when i want that database to receive mail aside from may own lotus inbox?
That's what a mail-in is for ... to receive messages via mail without using a regular user mailbox.
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