Optimizing MTU for gigabit

My suse9.1 server had two network connections:

1) Through my 10/100 switch (internet router) for access to the internet and other non-gig devices.

2) A gigabit crossover to my other main computer (a WinXP box).

I regularly transfer large files between the two and wondered if I could tune the gigabit link for better performance.

I tried adjusting the MTU on the linux side but it wont go higher than 1500. I have read that an mtu of 6000 would be better. I have tried using the YaST and ifconfig to change the mtu but both will not set higher that 1500. Is this possible to do and if so how? Also how to tune the XP box to the same.....

Da Proff
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paranoidcookieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As root from the command prompt

ifconfig eth0 mtu 6000
prof666Author Commented:
As I said that doesn't work. I get the error:

SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument

Here's an idea, change your user name to something besides "prof666". Don't you know Gigabit  Ethernet doesn't support for satanic users yet...
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