Auto Email Sending in Lotus notes

Hi ,

I'm not new in lotus notes but i only use it like any other users to email.

I got an email from anotehr department a report which i am supposed to forward to my co-department. My prolem isthat sometimes i forgot to do this. Is there a way that i can make lotus notes automatically forard that email once i received it?

Solution must be 2, for forward email that is save on a custom folder and another is NO saving(just send only).
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Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
In Notes 6, you can write rules from the mail database to process messages automatically.
You can access the helper dialog box through the button Inbox / Tools / Mail Rules.
You can create agent which will run on after new mail arrives..

Use Add Search button to search on the subject which needs to be forwarded.

No need of any scripting here.. just use simple actions. "Send Mail Message" for forwarding the document (Enable include copy of document).. Secondly to save add one more simple action and select "Copy To Folder"

WHat I would do is just get the sender of the report to cc the other people!  If you are forwarding it without even looking, then why should you be forwarding to begin with?!

But if you must...

Create an agent (Menu choice: Create->Agent).

As Hemantha says, click ADD SEARCH to specify exactly what it shoudl work for.  Usually, you want to select criteria BY FIELD, and use the SUBJECT field to identify the e-Mail by its subject line.

And, as Hemantha also hints at, you want a "simple action" agent, and click ADD ACTION.  The action you want is Send Mail Message.  There are options there to specify the recipienets, an to copy the message body of the received message, into the new message you are sending.  No copy of the message you sent will be saved.
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miyon654Author Commented:
I can follow some procedures here, but hte ADD SEARCH,,i cannot find it and i dont know how i do it. I can see the add action button below the screen...

Can somebosy guide me in detials as i have not done this before.

I want solutions that:
search for the suject criteria to be sent and/or from a specific person whom i received the email..

i need above solution such that one agent can be saved to a custom folder and the other agent is only for sending and not saving.

Of course i will run and use one agent only but i just want how i do it if i suddenly want ot save the message being sent out. Because the file i am receivng then forwarding it is a littel bit big in file size.
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:

If you're using Notes 6, then there is no need for an agent, because Rules are exactly what you need.
And they're very easy to build up.
miyon654Author Commented:
i'm using notes 6 but i believe that rules only applies to incoming mails and these are automatically being thrown in custom folders but not able to send to other automatically.
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
A Rule is made of conditions and actions.

You can write a Rule for forwarding without saving by means of:

  1. Specify conditions:
    in [sender] [contains] write <<the sender>> and click Add
    in [subject] [contains] write <<something useful>> to identify the messages and click Add
you'll see now a condition in the white space below like
  WHEN Sender contains ... AND Subject contains ...

  2. Specify actions:
    in [send copy to] [full] to: write <<the forwarding address>> and click Add action
    in [delete] just click Add action
you'll see now an action in the white space below like
  send Full Copy to ... AND don't Accept Message

  3. finally click OK and your Rule will be added

The other rule is very similar, just remember that conditions can be glued by logic, and actions are performed sequentially.
This button is located next to which document(s) should it act on ? below 3rd combo box...
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
you are right, Rules apply only to incoming messages, but they're just what you're looking for!!
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
did you test rules? do they work?
The lower pane may be obscuring the "Add Search" button, if so move your mouse over the extruded border between the upper and lower panes, and drag it down to reveal the button.  Also this will reveal the area where you would enter your criteria as in a post above.
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