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I'm looking for a load scheduling tool on linux. i.e. submit a job, if the processor is too busy, it will hold the job in a queue and run it at the next available opportunity (with a possible email back to the owner of the job when the the job completes)....

what are my options?

btw i'm using redhat 9.0 (but might need a solution for rh7 and fedora as well)

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There's the standard "cron" tool, which will handle the scheduling part.

If  you are looking to handle scheduling for "off-peak" , then check out "batch"  (man batch)

batch   executes  commands  when  system  load  levels permit; in other
               words, when the load average drops  below  0.8,  or  the  value
               specified in the invocation of atrun.

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Hi Trican,

   There are some softwares can do it.

1. Platform LSF (Load Sharing, Facility)
2. NQS (Network Queueing Service/System)

   LSF is a well-known load batch, balancing commerical product. NQS is the open source software which has no new version update for a while.

   For the comparsion, you may want to take a look at


man crontab
Batch is v easy to use and the best option available in redhat linux the one u r using.

#man batch


Batch is the right tool. Also there is a command called 'nice' with launches the program but limites it uses of resources.

I run some less-important daemons under nice without any trouble.
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