Floppy drive LED light constantly on

I have recently put together a computer from old old old spare parts.

Now, when booted up, the floppy's LED is constantly on.

I've switched around the ribbon every way possible, and when properly connected, there is no light and it still won't work.

The mouse is OLD, and is not an on board port, its a separate serial card.

I've tried numerous floppy drives and ribbons; nothing.

Any help?
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If the LED is always on, the cable is in backwards.  If flipping it around doesn't help, check for a loose connection or try another cable.  Otherwise, it may be broken, and a replacement is cheap - about $10 or less.
If the floppy led is constantly on, that means the cable is backwards.  With the power off, remove the floppy drive and cable from the machine (you may have to replace the drive anyway, so take it out now).  Look at the cable, one end has a twist in it.  That is the end that connects to the drive.  Turn the drive upside down and look at the bottom near the connector.  It should have writing on it or a triangle symbol.  The writing will probably say 2 at one end of the connector and 34 at the other end or the triangle will be next to one end of the connector.  The 2 or triangle indicate where pin 1 is and you should plug the cable in so that the red or blue stripe is aligned with the 2 or triangle.  Look at the motherboard and locate the 34 pin floppy connector.  Look for the numbers 1 or 34 (you may need a magnifying glass to see them).  Plug the cable in so that the red or blue stripe is aligned with the 1.  Plug the power connector into the drive and insert a bootable floppy.  Power up your machine and go into the CMOS setup and verify that the floppy drive is selected as the first boot device (may be called removeable device in some BIOSes).  Save your settings and reboot.  Watch the floppy led.  Does it come on when the computer tries to boot the floppy?  Does the floppy boot?  If the floppy boots, problem solved.  If it doesn't, you need a new floppy drive.
ashleypowerAuthor Commented:
I've tried about 6 different drives, 3 different ribbons.  Still nothing.
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So when it's plugged in correctly you don't get the constant light (that is good) but it doesn't work, and you made sure that it's enabled in the bios as the correct drive type?
The ribbon cable is not installed correctly on the drive. Flip the ribbon cable upside down on the drive. So the red lead (number 1 wire) is on the other side.
Have you always used the connector on teh end of the floppy cable, when looking at the cable on end has about 6 wires that are twisted. you ahve to use the connector that is past the twist for a floppy to work propperly.

and like above if it is placed on teh drive backwards the light will stay on.

check your bios settings and ensure you floppy is set to 1.44mb 3.5"
not set to 5.25 or 720kb or somehting like this. ensure floppy B is disabled
typically the red stripe will face the power connector
>I've tried about 6 different drives, 3 different ribbons.  Still nothing.

Either the floppy drive is not properly set in the BIOS, as mentioned above, or the floppy controller on the motherboard does not work.  You can confirm this by taking the drive and cable and installing it in another machine.
"typically the red stripe will face the power connector" ... true for most ide devices. But for floppy drives the red stripe is usually opposite of the power connector.
i have no idea since i had same problem and well two drives i was using for easy way to put data on disks with out bending down as much

well they always really were on the lights i mean and didn't work cmos was correct then i tried different combos of te drives prehaps the didn't like being together??      well i got it working and one of the drives wasn't installed on the rack but hooked up and the other hooked up and on the rack they both worked when i put them both on the rack it didn't i dono the problem bad ribbon i supose but maybe not i need more ribbons since i keep breaking them also more drives i am at an all time low now only have one cable and two drives????

so maybe you remove the drive from the rack( thing it is srcewed to) and set it on the top of the case and have hooked up then try

have some wood uder the drive if ANY CIRCUTS ARE EXPOSED
well since you have tried differnt drives and cables, i'd say the port on the motherboard your plugging it into is bad, replace the motherboard

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Ok youv'e checked the drives and the cables what about the bios make sure that floppy drives are enabled either a or b drive which ever you have configured ok, let me know how it goes....
LL6 thats already been posted.
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