Arcserve 2000 Database Engine keeps stopping

I have Arcserve 2000 SP5 running on W2k Server.  The Database engine keeps stopping and I have a asterisk in front of all my jobID's.  I have run all the db utilities, deleted the R files, checked for appropiate disk space and even initialized the database.  The problem still continues.  I did notice one thing, when I initialized the database, the job numbers did not reset to1,2 etc like they normally do.  Any one know how to resolve this?  Thanks.
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If the utilites did not work try this out.
Install ARCserve to any new system
On the original system stop the Database Engine and close the Manager
Delete or move all the files in the ARCserve\database directory
copy over the contents of the database directory from the new install into the old install.
Now start the Database Engine and bring up the Manager.

If this still fails to resolve the problem, next stop is a reinstall.
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