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We have Windows Server 2003 running in our small office. I'd like to make the backup to another computer, over our LAN. There are about 2000 files in the server (about 5 GB). I think the best solution for us is the incremental backup. I tried it, but with no luck.
If I ran the backup process first time, the result was good (the backup file was in another computer's hdd) . If I ran the backup next time, all those files are backuped, which are changed after the last backup.  But now the big file with the first backup was gone!!!! In the backup wizard I choosed "Append this backup to the existing backups". I don't understand, what's wrong. Please help me!

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Have you ever thought of DFS.  This will move the files for you automatically to the other server.  Of course I would highly recommend using some kind of tape device.  Setting up DFS in 2003 is incredibly easy.

If you are stuck on doing the hard drive backup I would recommend writing a script to rename the file after the backup.  

I included the rename command syntax at the end of this post.

You can use the rename command and schedule it in windows scheduler.

Rename (ren)Changes the name of a file or a set of files.

rename [Drive:][Path] filename1 filename2

ren [Drive:][Path] filename1 filename2

[Drive:][Path] filename1
Specifies the location and name of the file or set of files you want to rename.
Specifies the new name for the file. If you use wildcards (* and ?), filename2 specifies the new names for the files. You cannot specify a new drive or path when renaming files.
Displays help at the command prompt.


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teenvaksiiAuthor Commented:
I think the file renaming is too complicated system for us.
I made some more tests with the incremental backup. If there is only 20 files (500 kB) in the folder I backup, the system works well! It means, after the many incremental backups, the old files are also there in the "big" file and I can recover those.  
Great so does that me your ok?
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Windows Server 2003

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