tab control arabic language

Dear sir

  In my form i add a tab control, put when i add sheets i cant write in arabic, i tried all the fonts avilable with no sucsess
in the messagebox   showmessage('ا ب ت'); the same problem put with ?????? result

please advice
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Wim ten BrinkConnect With a Mentor Self-employed developerCommented:
Tab controls in Delphi don't support Unicode...

See for generic unicode information. contains controls that are unicode compatible so these should work, although not every control might be available. has more about Delphi and Unicode.
what windows you are working?
you need to make arabic your default language, so all will be fine
Amir AzhdariCommented:
go to Start->Setting->Control Panel and then "Regional & Language options"
in "Regional & Language options" window goto "Languages" tab and select "install files for complex script and right to left languages..." to enable that and then apply , in this case you need windows installation disk to apply the changes
after that you can easily use Arabic Font

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