While db.CreateCopy in R6, does not copy the image resources

I have created a script to create db's but it does not copy the image Shared Ressources. Do you know how I can get these resources and copy them to the new db with script?

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What do you do in the script.. copy design element by element ??

Don't you use CreateCopy method of the database ?

koray_uygunAuthor Commented:
Set templateDB = New notesDatabase ( doc.txtTempDBServer(0) , doc.txtTempDBPath(0))
Print "Creating New DB : " + doc.txtDBName(0)
Set targetDB =  templateDB.CreateCopy( dbServer , dbPath)
dbName = doc.txtDBName(0)
Createcopy is known to fail in some cases, I use this :

Const NOTE_CLASS_ALL = 32767%

Declare Function OSPathNetConstruct Lib "NNotes.dll" Alias "OSPathNetConstruct" (Byval PortName As String, Byval ServerName As String, Byval FileName As String, Byval retPathName As String) As Integer
Declare Function OSLoadString Lib "NNotes.dll" Alias "OSLoadString" (Byval hModule As Long, Byval StringCode As Long, Byval retBuffer As String, Byval BufferLength As Integer) As Integer
Declare Function NSFDbClose Lib "NNotes.dll" Alias "NSFDbClose" (Byval hDB As Long) As Integer
Declare Function NSFDbCreateAndCopy Lib "NNotes.dll" Alias "NSFDbCreateAndCopy" (Byval srcDb As String, Byval dstDb As String, _
Byval NoteClass As Integer, Byval limit As Integer, Byval flags As Long, retHandle As Long) As Integer

Function CreateDBCopy(fromServer As String, fromDBPath As String, toServer As String, toDBPath As String, _
noteFlags As Integer, mbSize As Integer, copyFlags As Long) As NotesDatabase

Dim fromNetPath As String
Dim toNetPath As String
Dim hDb As Long
Dim ret As Integer

Set CreateDBCopy = Nothing

fromNetPath = String(256,Chr(0))
toNetPath = String(256,Chr(0))

If OSPathNetConstruct("",fromServer, fromDBPath, fromNetPath) <> 0 Then
Error 32000, "Could not create Network Path from " + fromServer + " & " + fromDBPath
End If

If OSPathNetConstruct("",toServer, toDBPath, toNetPath) <> 0 Then
Error 32000, "Could not create Network Path to " + toServer + " & " + toDBPath
End If

ret = NSFDbCreateAndCopy(fromNetPath, toNetPath, _
noteFlags, mbSize, copyFlags, hDb)

If ret = 0 Then

Call NSFDbClose(hDb)
Set CreateDBCopy = New NotesDatabase(toServer, toDBPath)

Error 32000, "Error creating database" + toDBPath + " on " + toServer + ": " + OSErrorString(ret)
End If

End Function

' In your routine...
' The routine will return the database if created, and will raise an error if there is a problem.
' If there are any private design elements, it still fails, so you need to trap for that situation.

Set toDB = CreateDBCopy(fromDB.Server, fromDB.FilePath, baseServer.Canonical, basePath + "\" + repidToFile(Listtag(dbv)), NOTE_CLASS_ALL - NOTE_CLASS_PRIVATE, 0, 0)


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I like to create replica and change the replica ID.
koray_uygunAuthor Commented:
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