cable modem isn't connecting page unavailable error

Hello all, i recently got a cable modem installed on my computer and it won't connect to the internet, i keep getting a page unavailable screen when i click on my browser i am using lastest edition of IE.  The tech who installed it couldn't figure it out, and tech support said my modem wasn't finding the ip address.  I'm using windows xp home addition, and i was wondering what could be causing this?  Could it be spyware virus because i recently had trouble with them?  I downloaded 4 spyware removal tools
Stinger,  CWshredder, Ad-aware personal se, Spybot search and destroy, my system came up clean when i ran them, any ideas?
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itbemeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just to check if its a DNS problem try pinging
open up a command line

also ping your loopback
AutoSpongeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't have an IP address from the network you need to first make sure you can reach the modem.  Most of these cable modems are addressable but your ISP won't always tell you that.  Find out from tech support or a manufacturer if it is and what the management address is.

If you can't talk to the modem, that's the problem.  If you can talk to the modem but the modem isn't getting an IP address from the network, either your line is bad or the modem is bad.  Either way it's the ISP's problem.  I wouldn't pay for anything until you can get an IP address from the network.
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