VPN becomes incredibly slow


Windows 2000 Servers Active Dir.
Windows XP PCs

VPN from my home ( Cable Modem ) works fast one day and then would become incredibly slow the other day.
Any simple trobleshooting to get to the root of it?
Also, what kind of logs can i check on server to make sure the problem was on server...
If you guys know any tools of monitoring the server bandwidth, please let me know...

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Ok jibranilyas  ,

Check the free trial of this Software (A1Monitor Network Monitor and Web Server Monitoring Software)

Also take a look at NetStat Live !

Hope that helps

Maybe all your'e neighbours are downloading with kazaa, emule some days and some days their turned of? With cable the speed depends a lot on all the people in the cable district (segment) and how much they use the bandwith! Some routers and maybe your'e modem have functions in it to monitor the traffic but that's only the traffic of your self and not thewhole speed unto the VPN Server. You can ask other people in the company if they also have a slow connection.
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
yes,,, this is exactly what i did and three users had the same problem ..
although, i must admit there timings were off.. like one had problems saturday morning, another saturday night and then one on sunday...

they told me abt that on monday and i checked my VPN connection on monday and things were fine,,, so i told them to check it again ... and that time, they all got through fine and worked with normal speeds...

now yesterday, there was one user who said that the same thing happened... NOW, i m just wondering if this is something that we can check on server or is it a client side issue

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On the server side you can monitor traffic with performance monitor but this does not clearly give information about VPN users and their bandwith.What type of internet connection do you have in the company.
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
bandwidth is quite sufficient...


Could it be the problem with the PIX?
jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
btw - i checked VPN this weekend ... it was fine
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