checkbox to switch between discount and no discount on form

I am very very new to access and have bludgeoned my way through making an invoiceing system for our workshop but cannot work out how to do this last bit which I assume would be in vb in the way of an IF statement.
On the form there are 5 text boxes:

Total (Ex-Tax): =OrdersSF.Form!txtTotal
              GST:  =[txtTotal]*0.1
   Order Total:  =[txtSalesTax]+[txtTotal]
Discount 10%:
 Invoice Total:  =[txtOrderTotal]-[txtDiscount]

On the form beside the Discount 10% entry is a checkbox and I would like it to display a 10% discount from the order total when checked and retotal the amount to the Invoice total, and when unchecked put a 0 discount in the discount and display the order total in the invoice total without the discount removed.
As I said I am not really sure as to what needs to be done be it a new query or code but any help would be great.
I hope I have explained what I need well enough to get some help on this.

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create you checkbox called chkDiscount and set its default value to False, create your txtDiscount and set it default value to 0
on the event for the checkboxs add this code:-

Private Sub chkDiscount_Click()
Dim curTax As Currency
Dim curTotal As Currency
If Me.chkDiscount = True Then
    curTax = Me.txtSalesTax
    curTotal = Me.txtTotal
    Me.txtDiscount = (curTax + curTotal) * 0.1
    Me.txtDiscount = 0
End If
End Sub


The_ProfessionalAuthor Commented:
Thanx Peter worked perfectly your help is much appreciated.

The Pro
Thanks for the Grade and points :-)
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