Terminal services cannot find the license server.... Already changed Registry to disable discovery.

Gentlemen.  As the question states, I have clients which cannot connect to a 2003 TServer, reporting the following error:

The remote session was disconnected because there are no terminal server license servers available to provide a license.  

My laptop is not part of the domain, and receives the same error, though clients on the domain are not.  Better yet, I have a client outside the lan, working off of comcast (Cable Modem) who can connect without the error.

I have already disabled the auto discovery of the TS Lic. server, and placed the IP and server name where needed, this fixed a problem I had 3 months ago.  Now only particular clients are receiving this error.  

Any ideas??     Please do not respond with the KB article on how to disable auto discovery!!!


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WeHeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe your problem is the connection between TS and TS Licence Server.
All used licences should be seen in TS Licence Manager
btw, look what i found on MS site:
If you want to transfer a client license from one computer to another, you must call the Microsoft Clearinghouse and request that the license be reissued. A Microsoft Customer Service Representative can assist you with this process. According to the terms of your End User License Agreement (EULA) for Terminal Server Client Access Licenses, you can make this transfer only once.
You need to buy more TS client licences.
Or you have to wait till a licence will freed again.
cvvoodAuthor Commented:
I have 7, In the manager I  only see 2 users using licenses,  Are these licenses being "Kept" by people, and not being "returned"?

How Do I keep people from connecting and keeping licenses???

This also hasn't seemed to have been a problem before.   Why can i connect to the Active Directory PDC, using RDC, but not the terminal server???

just a couple of questions...
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Yes, the licences kept by the users/clients for a while (52-89 days). its per design.
You can connect to a DC because there is no terminal server used. its the Remote Desktop Connection you use in this case.
Or its a W2K and you are running TS in Administration Mode.
In both cases you do not need a TS CAL.
cvvoodAuthor Commented:
Thank you Thought I was going crazy!!

Is there any way to decrease the Days the licenses are kept by the clients???

I would love to make it 8 - 10 HOURS!!!!

no, i think u can not change this.
cvvoodAuthor Commented:
How can you find out which licences and which workstations have these licenses??
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