Make labels for book spine

Sup all. Anyone know how to print on a label so when put on the spine of a binder it can be read vertically.  Istead of across tehn having to look sideways to read it. Please help thankls
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If you are using the specfic Avery L7171 (or equivalent labels), look in the Labels list at J8171 Lever arch.  On my WordPerfect there is an L and a P definition, you would choose the Landscape version.  In the Left and Right Margins, choose a large eniough value that only one letter will appear on each line of each label for the font size you want to use (something like 72 point - which is one inch).  This may look a bit ragged, if this is the case...  

Or you can leave the margins as they are, just press Enter for each letter, in which case, set Justification to Center so that the letters look neat.

Not sure if I've understood the question, if I haven't, please let us know.  

(The answer I've given is for A4, if you are using American paper size there must be an equivalent).

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