Windows 98 PC sometimes connects with Windows Server 2003 and some times don't

Im going nuts here. Please help me out!

I have a network with one server and several windows 98 and windows XP machines running on it. Some windows 98 PC are working great, while others connect to the server some times and some times don't. When a W98 PC has a problem connecting I begin to delete and add the user to the server and reset the PC several times until for some reason the PC gains access again. But then next day everything must be the same with the same PC's

Can any one help me?
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If you run Windows 98 upgrade to 98SE. Then I recommend installing the unofficial Windows 98 SE service pack from here:

Is there active directory domain? Then install active directory client for windows 98 from server's cd. The computers with Windows 98 must be manually added to Active directory users and computers.

Use just one network protocol to connect to the server. In the network properties you must have: nic's driver, one network protocl, client for Microsoft network (eventually some low level software related to the network board). Disable the network board power management, if available.

Verify if Obtain a list of users and groups point to the correct server (I guess it is).

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