Urgent: JPEG Options Dialog bypass on batch processing

Hello friends,

I have this specific and very urgent Q:
I have done an action and when I do a "batch" with it, prompts for the JPEG Options, i need it to be "8" by default and save the images without asking.
The batch properties are: get images from folder, and output: save and close.
So I need to save by default bypassing the Options dialog

Please, stick to the question, do not recommend to use other formats because I need it to be jpeg.

Thank you VERY MUCH in advance!!!

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avgavgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Cërf,

- This should work perfectly in CS. I have just tested it out. Please follow the steps exactly :-)

To record the action (this section is most important!):

- Start photoshop
- Click File > Open and open any file from the folder where all you jpeg images are stored.
- Close the opened file (these two steps are required only to make sure that you do not have to search for the folder when you are recording your action!)
- Now click the Create New Action button at the bottom of your Actions palette
- Give it any name (Eg. AutoCompress)
- Click the Record button to start recording your action
- Click File > Open and select any file from your source folder (which will open automatically)
- Click File > Save As
- Click Save in the popup window
- Click 'OK' to replace the existing file under the same name in the same folder
- Now the JPEG Options window opens
- Move the slider to the required quality '8' in this case
- Make sure the preview check box is NOT selected (should not have a tick mark)
- Click OK to save your compressed file.
- Close the open JPEG file.
- Click the Stop button on the Actions palette to stop your recording.

To run the action in batch mode:

- Click File > Automate > Batch
- In the Batch popup window do the following...
- In the Play section, select your newly recorded action from the drop down menu in the 'Action' list box

- In the 'Source' section, select 'Folder' from the drop down menu
- Click the 'Choose...' button and select your source folder (where you have your JPEG images)
- Click (select or tick) the following three check boxes...
(1) Override action 'open' commands (Click 'OK' in the warning popup)
(2) Suppress File Open Options Dialog
(3) Suppress Color Profile Warnings

- In the 'Destination' section, select 'Folder' from the drop down menu
- Click the 'Choose...' button and select your target folder (Same as your source folder)
- Click (select or tick) the 'Override Actions 'Save As' commands (Click 'OK' in the warning popup)

- Click 'OK' on the Batch pop window
- You batch file will run and all your files will be opened, compressed and closed without any pauses for your inputs.
- You can watch each file being opened and closed.
- Good Luck!

- Simple select (tick) the check box next to 'Override action "Save As" options' on the File > Automate > Batch menu.
- When you record your action, please make sure you do the following:
- Start recording you action AFTER you browse to your source folder (which contains all your images) and BEFORE you open the image file.
- End your recording AFTER you save your compressed file in the destination folder and close it.
- Both 'open' and 'close' file should be part of your recorded action.
- That's it.
Good Luck!
- If you need to overwrite your existing files, simply choose the same folder for your source and destination.
- Tick (select) all the check boxes starting with 'Override' and 'Suppress'.
Good Luck!
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CerfAuthor Commented:
Sorry avgavg, no luck.
I did check "Override" and made sure to follow your instructions but the JPEG Options dialog kept popping up.

Any other advice?

If you look at the Actions Panel and add the "Production" set, you'll find "save as JPEG medium" action, do you know how can I modify this to high instead of medium? I think, that would work.

- Please post which version of Photoshop you are using.
- I should have asked this first :-)
CerfAuthor Commented:
CerfAuthor Commented:
It does work!!!
 Could you please post the same answer in Q http:Q_21181401.html ???

It does resolve my problems... nice!

Thanks a LOT!

Glad I could help. I have posted it in your earlier question also. Thanks. Have fun!

I know this is an old question, but I just wanted to comment and say thanks!  Your step-by-step response helped me out today as well.  Whoopy!
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