I've got a windows 2003 Box and ISA server...

I'm wanting to set up a gateway for my clients to access the internet as well as use the caching part of ISA to track web usage.

Any ideas or good articles???  or Ideas? This should be really simple, but I can't find any articles on this.
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Huge amounts of articles / tutorials etc etc here:

This one contains information on installing it all:

A nice introduction to everything:

TechExchangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks... This is the way I was setting it up already, but that just confirmed that my configuration was correct.  The problem ended up being my Cisco admin had some funky routes in the table that was routing my traffic to no man's land after it left the ISA Server.  I confirmed this by putting the ISA server right on the edge of our network instead of behind our PIX firewalls and it worked perfectly, once i brought it back inside it wouldn't work anymore.

Thanks again.
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