Hiding folders user don't have access to in a mapped drive

Have a dfs root mapped as server structure when user logons onto the domain. Within the server structure, there are departmental folder like finance,Administration etc. Now what i want to do is if a user from the Administration department logons on, the content of the dfs root which is mapped as server structure will show only the Administration folder in the server structure. For example, if a user from the finance department logons on, he will get a mapped drive as server structure(which i don't have a problem) and within that folder should be a folder for which he/she has access. Need help

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It seems to me that this problem is a recurring one with Windows administrators.  The following link has some good information pertaining to setting security permissions to deny the users' ability to browse the folders, but not to hide them completely.


I'm not sure that Windows has the ability to make folders invisible, but I'll keep digging.

Dave L.

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You can deny the users or groups the permission "List Folder/Read Data.  They will not see the folder or have access to the folders you set this permission on.  It is an advanced permission.  

Hope that helps.
Even if you apply deny the "List Folder/Read Data" permission you will still be able to see the folder, just not its contents.  I believe what  it_gsr is actually looking for is  identical behavior of Windows to Netware.  In Netware, if a user does not have permissions to a resource they cannot see it at all.  No temptation... No teasing... It's as if it isn't even there.  Windows does not afford that luxury.  The folder will sit there and stare you in the face prompting you to click it... much like candy.  But when you try to take that candy your mother slaps you on the wrist and says, "C:\candy is not accessible.  Access Denied." :)

I wish I could post better news!  Maybe Longhorn's now delayed WinFS will have features like this.  One can hope...

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