Removing an NT 4 DC from a 2K Domain


I am trying to remove an NT 4 DC (that was used as the PDC before we upgraded to 2000) from the domain.  The server does not have enough capacity for me to upgrade to 2000 and then run dcpromo so I'm restricted to staying at NT 4.  All of my other DC's are now 2000 and I would like to get on the Native mode level since the NT4 DC isn't needed anymore.  Can anyone give me any insight?  I've searched technet high and low w/ no success.  My email is


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Pretty sure you can just delete the server from the list of systems in AD.  BUT, I'm NOT positive.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
We just shut down the NT4 machine.   No problems.  Any reason you don't do that?
adamf53Author Commented:
We did the same, but we'd like to remove it from AD so we can go to Native.  Am I missing something?
You can use server manager on your pdc emulator to delete it - so long as nothing of any importance is running on it any more,
How to remove NT4 BDC from Active Directory,289483,sid1_gci960653,00.html

On the 2000 pdc em - start - run - srvmgr - ok . If you need to you can sign in to see the above link for free, however always make sure you have a good back up on hand,

Hope that helps

Deb :))

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