VPN again

Two questions.
1- Is it possible to set up the client to be able to connect to a VPN server, and browse the internet also?
2-When I connect to the VPN server, I want to be able to map to specific drives. I can see the server, but not the individual paritiions. How would I do this
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OOps, scrap that last line about default gateway.
1. Clients connect to the VPN server via the internet, so they can do both.

2. Go to My Computer -> Tools -> Map Network Drive and specify the correct path to the share, ie. \\<server-LAN-IP-address>\<share name> in the folder field.  Of course, there can't be any firewalls blocking traffic from the different subnet and you have to have adequate NTFS permissions in place.
LarryMBAuthor Commented:
1- At this point I can connect to the vpn server, and while I am connected to the vpn server I cannot browse the internet.

2-I right click on network places and go to map network drive, I then go to browse, and I can see the vpn server, but when I click on the + sign to expand it nothing comes up.

I don't know wether this is helpfull, but, I am running XP pro on the client
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1 - That seems odd.  I haven't encountered that before.

2 - Try inputting the share location manually as specified above.  If you can't browse the server, that implies that the username/password you logged on with don't have the correct permissions to do so.  If this is the case, the connection won't work even if you put the location in manually.
1 - i think your vpn client has a firewall which blocks all non secure (all non VPN) traffic.  You can try to use a web proxy which you can reach from the VPN Server.
2 - do it like humeniuk has described above.

Regarding through the VPN to the Internet - make sure there are routes at your VPN main site for your remote machines to the main sites Internet connection.  Also make sure the firewall rules permit it.

To test, while VPN is up, traceroute out to the Internet - like to www.experts-exchange.com - this might give you a clue as to where it's failing.

If you want to browse through the remote Internet connection, but no through the VPN tunnel, then you need to enable split tunneling.
regarding not seeing shares on server:
1-check that your VPN connection has "client for microsoft networks" ticked under networking
2-check the permissions on the server shares. Whether you can see them will be based on who you logged on to the VPN as. Maybe try logging on as administrator and test.

If you want clients to use their own internet connection and not browse through the VPN then they need to untick "use default gateway on remote network".
If you want clients to use the VPN tunnel to browse internet you need to first check that there are no firewalls etc blocking accces.
Then you need to make sure that routing is set up properly. Most likely one interface on your server will be set up with NAT under RRAS to share the internet between connected clients. You need to make sure that when VPN connections are made that the default gateway being handed out is the IP address of that interface with NAT enabled.
LarryMBAuthor Commented:
Than you for all your help I am going to wipe down the win2k server and start all over again. Too many errors. I can't even connect now
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