A layout will on show a certain number of records....

Hi Les,
Thanks again for you help a few days ago. Exactly what I was looking for. New problem... The db that i am building needs to work from the Intranet. Now when ever I do and whatever script I right it work fin when I view it from FileMaker. Then I try it from the net and it doesn't work they way it is supposed to. One issue I am having is that when I display the records that user is looking, only a certain number are displayed. It does find all of them but only displays the last few. I have to show the status bar and click the previous page to get all the records shown. This happen when the layout is both a list and a table. Any ideas about that? Thanks
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From your description, it sounds as if you are using FileMaker's Instant Web Publishing (IWP) feature that automatically creates web pages based on your FM layouts. If so, then you can't do much about the behavior of the pages, and most scripts won't work. That might explain the problems you're having.
To do more creative things with FileMaker web publishing, you'll need to look at creating your own custom web pages with CDML tags. CDML tags allow you to control FileMaker's database and web server in all sorts of ways, sort of like creating dynamic web pages using ASP or PHP scripting, but specific to FileMaker.

With CDML tags, you can do almost anything you can do in a Filemaker layout. It does require more effort to create the pages, but the power and flexibility is far greater.

Apologies if you already knew this information, but you did say you are a newbie. :)

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btw, which version do you use? 6 or 7; that makes a big change as far as the web companion is concerned, though still far from usable...
About the amount of records displayed, the web companion always display them by bunch of 25 in list mode, so what you get is normal as far as I can remember, I have given up the web companion, too many limitations.
Also, if you are using 7, make sure you don't use any of the script functions not supported with the web companion
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