how to write scaled-down rpg (as/400) programs to fit the size of handheld screens?

I'm working on a project now to put some of our data collection programs onto handheld wireless terminals. I'm used to writing applications for normal 24x80 screens viewed with client access. One intermec handheld I'm testing now always keeps the cursor centered on the screen when I log on and has a 16x20 screen leaving me to move the cursor around to view menu options, ect.  Is there any way to format/resize the screen to fit the handheld display or do I need to just write a menu program (and data collection programs) that are confined to a 16x20 area? Even if I do this the way the termianl works now by following the cursor makes me think that the top/bottom/sides of the screen could be cut off depending on where the cursor is and if the screen always centers on the cursor.

I'm just trying to figure out the best way to approach this so I dont' have to waste my time with trial and error. Thanks in advance.
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the way I have found best for these type of applications is to have a 20x80 screen and use the CSRINPONLY key work.
This limits the cursor movement to input cable fields the you can place in the area of the screen that you define.

We are using OS/400 menu's created with SDA on our intermec scanners, when viewing them on a normal PC the buttom left part contains all options and the input field to select menuoption. Change the created menu with CHGMNU CMDLIN(*NONE) this will only give you a 2 character long input field where the user can input an option from the menu. Hope this helps! If you need more help let me know, we are using quite a few handhelds here with direct AS/400 connection.
<normal 24x80 screens>

my handhelds (teklogix)
shows 80x24 (80 cols X 24 rows)
(that's what your're saying, right?)
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