Disable "New" in Excel Toolbar in VB .NET

Programmatically, using VB .NET, I can disable File > New in Excel.  However I am having trouble disabling "New" in the toolbar. How can I do that? Also how can I disable Ctrl + N? I tried Application.OnKey("^N", "") but it doesn't work.
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>>I can disable File > New in Excel

can you paste the code for it ?
HeitmanProgrammersAuthor Commented:
I only want to disable for the workbook that I am on. Not for the whole application.
HeitmanProgrammersAuthor Commented:
I can disable it however it disables on the whole application. I only want to disable it for the current workbook. Also, I need to disable "New" from the toolbar (toolbar with all the shortcurts).
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