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ISA 2000 depolyment

Current Environment:
1 full T-1 for VPN to other offices, www traffic for end users and the public WWW site in the DMZ.  
1 partial T-1 that handles incoming and outgoing Exchange traffic.  This is shared with telephones.  I do this since the speed of mail traffic is unimportant to end users.  I get 1/4 of the T-1 for data.
Circuits are from different providers so they are on different subnets.  I have SonicWall on the full T-1 and a LInksys on the partial.
Current public web server is in DMZ of full T-1 and running on Linux.
Ports open in firewall for partial T-1 to allow SMTP and https and point at internal Exchange 2003 box.  

We have a redesigned web site that I will deploy on a public facing Win2K3 server and eliminate the Linux box.  This will go on the full T-1 in the DMZ.

I have an unused ISA 2000 license and started thinking that I might be able to put it to good use.

Here is the question.
Can I install ISA 2000 on the public web server in the DMZ and have three NICS in it?   I was thinking I could have one NIC on the full T-1 for public www and as a front-end to for OWA and RPC over https and the other NIC on the partial T-1 to handle SMTP traffic to and from the Exchange server.  The 3rd NIC would be for the LAN.   I am researching this but I would hate to waste time on a poor idea.  Thanks for the input and I hope I was clear about this.

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Seems to me like it should work, it is going to be a bear to configure I bet. I say as long as you take your time and really think out your configuration settings on the ISA server you should be set. I would definately try to setup a test lab and work with it pretty extensivley before putting it live though. Also, consider the impact of drive or general hardware failure on your ISA server. You should be sure to have DR practices in place to have your server back online very quickly or your co-workers will be getting an unscheduled day off when the server crashes. I would recommend having replacement parts for all critcal hardware and a very current ghost image or equivalent just in case. This way you can swap hardware and in case of drive failure through the image (WITH the working config etc.) back on the drive and be up relatively quickly.

As for the configuration specifics... ugh... that is going to take some serious reading and consideration. In case you have seen them here are some good links.

and of course
I think I gave him a resonable answer to his question.
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