regular Mail function and for some reason it sends the email but with it prepared to delete....

im using a regular Mail funciton in PHP and for some reason it sends the email but with it prepared to delete?

When i say prepared i mean i have imap on my own mail server with redhat 9 ....
Which i setup, i can send and recieve email perfectly fine and nothing ever does what this does.

I setup another server this one Windows 2000 and next to my other redhat server LITERALLY and setup the php file to use the sendmail to send out emails. Which works great i do remember i had trouble with it first working because i got the admin bounces stating no relaying but i fixed that. So anyway it sends out emails ok, but if i send out an email to a local account on the redhat machine and its an imap account i get it but with a line through it .....
if your familar with imap you'll know that line is there before you purge your emails.

why would i get the email ready and prepared to be purged ?
ive tried another computer with outlook to check it thinking it could be my computer and its not every email that i send out from the 2000 server sends with it ready to be purged ?
What the heck would cause that ?
could somehting in the email header cause this...

Please Help

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Hi aot2002,

Maybe the problem is with your php.ini, look for sendmail_path in that file and see if the value is right.

I don't know witch MTA are you using but in qmail sendmail_path should point to  /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject, and in others like Postfix or Sendmail to /usr/sbin/sendmail.

If you are not running qmail do a updatedb && locate sendmail and put the right value in php.ini.

From my experience: if configure doesn't found a valid mta inject program it sets the default value to null. And the SMTP_* values are only valid in windows machines.

Look at for more info.
aot2002Author Commented:
let me check it out and i'll post it
aot2002Author Commented:
no everything looks ok in php.ini file

anything else ?
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