Outlook XP slow when emailing an attachment

We have Outlook XP installed on our Terminal Server.  Last week 1 user reported Outlook being slow when sending an email with an attachment.  I can recreate this logged on as myself.  Regular emails work fine (text), and opening attachments is fine.  But when sending one, when you click the send button, it looks like Outlook freezes for about 1 minute.  The send button stays depressed and then after about 1 minute it goes away and the message is sent.  

I couldn't find much online or in EE.  What I did find I believe I tried.  I did what is listed below:

I did a full reinstall of Office XP.
I unchecked the IM option.
I emptied the recycle bin and temporary internet files.
I defragged the drive.
Looked for a \program files\messenger folder but it didn't exist.

Any other ideas?  I really don't want to have to wipe the TS and start over.
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Hi robrandon,

Have you tried to recreate the profile or create a new profile in outlook and check the behavior??

Does it happen for any attachment files and wherever the attachments may be ?

Check to see if word is used as default email editor. If yes , remove it and see the difference ?

Is outlook XP fully updated ?


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Dufo G. BelskiRetired bureaucrat/desktop supportCommented:
How big is the attachment?
robrandonAuthor Commented:
Good ideas, but no such luck yet.

I delete my profile from the Terminal Server and logged on using MSTSC.  It created the new profile.  I launched Outlook and configured the new Outlook Profile.

I tried sending 3 different types of emails.  
1. Text
2. Attachment size 95 KB
3. Attachment size 5056 KB

1 sends right away, 2 takes a few seconds, and 3 takes about 2-3 minutes.  I then tried unchecking the IM option.  Same results.

Since it seems to be taking longer with the bigger attachments, it is making me think that it is actually a communication problem with the Exchange server.  However, I've never seen it hold the message window open like that before.

When I reinstalled I used an local admin/network installation folder I had created that deploys it with sp2.  I have not installed any patches after that (but it worked fine for quite some time without any of the other patches).

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robrandonAuthor Commented:
RESOLVED!  Thanks for your help on this.  It got me pointed in the right direction.  

Some networking stuff was done about 1 week ago, secifically plugging servers into different switch equipment.  I put the server in a different switch and it is working like a champ!

I'm going to split points.


Glad you got it fixed and Happy to help

Dufo G. BelskiRetired bureaucrat/desktop supportCommented:
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