Local machine can't connect to Yahoo Games

We recently had to reinstall TCP on a Windows 2000 Profess desktop due to the NewDotNet deal.  Prior to doing this, user was able to connect to yahoo games server to play.  Since reinstallation of the TCP, this is the only desktop among 6 other desktops that will not load the yahoo games server.  No problems with any of our other usersand their computers.  I've tried checking to make sure the internet options are the same as the other desktops.  Do you know what all I need to check?  Thanks!  
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stormedeb3Author Commented:
I forgot to say we do connect through our server!
Probably an Internet connection issue. Run HiJackThis and you may find a corrupt entry of Yahoo game (some .cab extensions with reference from Yahoo). Remove it and try connecting to yahoo again, you may be able to reload the game. Also make sure you don't have problem with Java (using default Microsoft java engine is better than the Sun plug in).
Also make sure you don't add any firewall rule that block some ports...Eh, I'm not sure about that, but obviously I can't load yahoo game at my uni :)
stormedeb3Author Commented:
I tried all that and more.  The applet loads but then I get a message saying "error logging into server."  I have disabled the firewall and disconnected from the ISA server, but still no luck.  As I previously said, this computer had no problems whatsoever connecting the the games server until one of our guys removed and reinstalled the TCP/IP protocol in order to repair some problems caused by NewDotNet.  I have compared the TCP advanced properties with the other machines in the office that have no problem playing the games.  I compared Internet Options with the other computers, but still no luck.  I don't really know what else to check.  I feel that it's a problem with this computer only, since the same thing happens whether connected to the server or not and whether or ot the firewall is enabled.  I am at a loss.  Any more suggestions would really be appreciated.  Thanks!  Oh, by the way, we also tried to connect to "Party Poker" but it won't connect with that one either (a game not affiliated with Yahoo).
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stormedeb3Author Commented:
Any suggestions???
Have you tried using another browser (I know Yahoo Games may not support Nescape, but try it anyway). I think it's a problem with IE, so reinstall IE may help.
Here's the list I gathered, looks like many ppl having problem with yahoo games and IE.
1. Turn off proxy in browser.
2. Clear the object list (using hijackthis or general tab in IE Options).
3. Install DirectX.
4. Run SFC.
5. Reinstall IE.
6. Make sure some ports (11999) is not blocked. Firewall is turned off.
7. Uninstall things like Sun Java.
8. Install a network packet capture (Ethereal) and try loading the game. Post the result back so everyone can have a look. Most common ptoblem is a block port, then a outbound connection never pass through proxy.

And finally, run all adware scanner (PestPatrol and SpyBot are the most commonly recommended).

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stormedeb3Author Commented:
I did all the above.  Didn't work.  I did a clean install of windows 2000 professional and didn't connect this computer to the server.  So no firewall.  It does connect to the internet through the LAN though.  I just knew it would work then, but it didn't through internet explorer.  So I installed Netscape and tried it there but it didn't work again.  I am testing on Yahoo Games the game "Literati."  The applet seems to load and then it says "Attempting to connect to server" and after a couple of minutes it says "error logging into server."  The same thing that was happening before I went to all this trouble.  I feel defeated.  What am I missing???  
Same problem here.
I tried to go though yahoo messenger  to play games option. But it never shows games invitations.

Any luck  ?  

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