id like to know if: i can tell how meny - are in a string like echo "#------------------------------------------------#<BR>";

id like to eb able to adjust the strings - in
echo "#------------------------------------------------#<BR>";
so i can expand it at will with out typeing in all those -

is this posible

if it is a second question how would i find the lenth of
$UN to populate the amount of - id need adding 4 to each side (8 total) to make it look correct the size of the area

aka Pern
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echo '#'.str_repeat('-', strlen($UN)+4).'#<br/>';



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Um. My error. Should be:

echo '#'.str_repeat('-', strlen($UN)+8).'#<br/>';

Well, first, I would recommend using a monotype font, something that yo would see in a textarea or Notepad for instance, or something in <pre> tags, otherwise, because each letter takes up a different space, it's quite difficult to make it look exactly right.

I would recommend using str_pad:

For instance, if you want a variable $finalstring to be 30 characters long between the # signs, then you can have this:

$finishedstring="Test out";
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length of string:
strlen("123456"); //returns 6

count the number of "-"

substr_count("#----#", "-"); // returns 4

is this what you asking?
for your second question, use str_pad
if you want to have total lenght 30, use it like this:

echo str_pad('textextext', 30, "-", STR_PAD_BOTH);
JohnnyAuthor Commented:
thx for all the answers
but first is what i wanted perfect thx

aka Pern
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