Access DB2 from Domino server 6.5.2 in Linux


I've DECS running, I already have an ODBC conn with Easysoft's software with a SQL Server 2000 server, but I need to access also a DB2 under AS/400.

I have the DB2 driver (thank to IBM's iSeries Client Access for Linux) installed, and have the Agent executed "on server". It seems that the Domino can't see the DSN set in the Linux (configured with unixODBC's ODBCConfig).

Do I need to set something in the notes data directory or set an environment variable or something? :(

ayuda!! :P

thanks! :D
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Hi intouchsystems,

Domino executes under its own account, make sure that ODBC is configured properly for that account.  Don't know if it has teh concept of user v. system DSN's, but if so, make sure it is a system DSN.

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I will suspect many things. The installation of ODBC could be a problem. I hope your DB2 is installed properly. Have you made sure it is? It requires korn shell for a proper installation (not a part of standard Linux in most distributions).

My advice for you also would be to switch to WebSphere if you indeed want Linux. That's where the future is.
intouchsystems? mmartha? QuickPost?
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mmarthaAuthor Commented:
Hi all!

I have no access to modify the DB2, it is already running. It is a system DSN, and was configured by the DB2 administrator (so all the connection data must be OK).

While installing the conn DSN for the SQL Server, I had to add a link in the /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux directory "to the real unixODBC's which is in /usr/local/easysoft/unixODBC/lib" according to the driver's manufacturer(

That's why I was thinking that maybe, after the installation of the DB2 driver, and the proper configuration of the system DSN for the DB2 server, I needed to add some kind of link too, so the Domino Server could "see" the driver, or the DSN.

It is my believe that after de configuration of the DSN, all programs should be able to use it trough simply call it with its name. (my DSN's name is DB2).

I found out in some commands like "isql -v login password". When I do that, or when I use the "example" command of Data Direct's driver ( I get a succesfull connection. So I don't think the connection is the issue.

I don't know if all this info helps at all.

I'm not sure what's the deal about my nickname. :S

As Ranjeet surmised, my QuickPost somehow confused your handle with someone else's.  (QuickPost is a quick access utility for experts to find and respond to questions.)

EasySoft is an ODBC bridge provider.  I don't know much about those.  I would suggest first getting a simple text ODBC driver working, amke sure it works under multiple logon accounts.   You can then progress to the more sophisticatd stuff.
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