Installing a second Exchange server for testing/restoring backup

OK, I'm basically an Exchange neophyte and here's my situation.  We need to restore some Exchange data from our backup.  I've been working on this for a bit without success and I believe the reason is because the Exchange server I was attempting to restore to is located in a test domain we have set up.  The server name, domain name, Exchange organization...everything set up differently than in production.  

What I'd like to do is to install this second Exchange server on the same network as our first, but I don't want the two "talking" to each other.  I was planning on just taking down our first Exchange server while the second is up.  However, I don't know if this will cause any issues or if there is a way of standing up the second server, doing the restore and pulling the data I need, and then take down the second server without having any impact on the first as far as the two sharing data/replicating/et cetera.

Any advice is appreciated.


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You do not need to bring it up in the live domain and I would not even suggest that as an option. Here are the basics from my own instructions on this.

- Bring up recovery server in it's own forest and domain.
- When installing Exchange use the same Organization name as your production system
- After installing Exchange change to Native mode
- Rename the First Administrative Group to the same name as the administrative group from your live server
- Create a storage group with same name as that on your live system
- Create mailbox store with same name as that of your live system and give the database files the same names as that of your production server.
- Reboot and confirm stores mounted
- Dismount stores
- Modify the LegacyExchangeDN if Administrative group name of production was not "First Administrative Group"
   - ldifde -f fix.ldf -p subtree -l LegacyExchangeDN -d "cn=Microsoft Exchange,cn=services,cn=configuration,dc=domain,dc=com" -r "(LegacyExchangedn=*first*)"
   - open fix.df in text editor
   - Replace all occurrences of "First Administrative Group" with name of production Administrative group
   - Edit "changetype: add" to "changetype: modify"
   - add line "Replace: LegacyExchangeDN" below changetype line
   - on line after attribute value data add a dash and one blank line
   - save file
   - run ldifde -i -f fix.ldf
   - Run first ldifde command again to make sure all changes were made
   - reboot server
- Reboot and confirm stores mounted
- On properties of the store, database tab, check box for "database can be overwritten by a restore"
- restore database
- reboot server
- Run cleanup agent then connect mailboxes for which you want to extract data to account in your restore domain.

Hope this helps
What version of Exchange?
amichaellAuthor Commented:
My apologies.  I can't believe I forgot to relate the version information.  Exchange 2000 with SP3.
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amichaellAuthor Commented:
Thanks, avester.  I found some documentation that was along the same lines as what you just posted.  I will be performing this over the weekend and I'll be sure to let you know the results!  Thanks again.
Those were basically taken from a microsoft document but I couldn't find the document.
amichaellAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm back to square one.  I found a document that went into detail regarding the steps you outlines and followed them to a tee, but I'm still experiencing an issue.  At this point I have contacted Omniback support for assistance.  We'll see how this plays out.
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